Bed Shakers

Helix Studios presents Joey Mills and Wyatt Walker in “Bed Shakers”. Release date: April 20, 2017. Video Duration: 29 minutes.

Helixstudios - Bed Shakers

Joey Mills and Wyatt Walker

Lets look at boys! It’s a rainy day at home in this amazing boyfriend fantasy. Joey Mills wakes his friend Wyatt Walker with some happy trail kisses that send the couple on a boy, bed shaking shag-down of epic proportions. Romance is in the air and it’s clear these two have hot chemistry from the start. The guys take their time with this one, steaming up the screen with a sizzling make out session that leads Joey to Walker’s wonderfully big dick. Anxious to get in his bf’s briefs, Wyatt flips the twink over and out flops the monster cock that Mill’s is famous for. Walker works the entirety, including the big balls. Try as he might, Walker has a tough time fitting the fatty all the way, we sure don’t mind watching him give it his all though. Really!

Bed Shakers

Then Joey suggests his other end get some attention and Wyatt waxes poetic on the twink’s posterior. With his pucker wet and ready to be plowed, Walker squeezes his thick dick in down to the balls and does not let up. Sexy top gets a better grip and Wyatt just wails cock into the boy so hard the room fills with the sound of balls slapping and the bed shaking. Soon, the lovers put each other through a labyrinth of different sexual positions. Watching Joey’s giant dick wiggle as he rides rock hard cock is a happy highlight.

Shaking the bed once more, Wyatt whams dick in doggy style as the boy’s balls start to fill. Joey jets out a giant load, wetting the bedding. In epic turn-around time, he reaches his pretty face back to catch all Wyatt has to offer. Finally, horny Walker fills the kids mouth with his wad and the boy still can’t get enough. He sticks the monster back down his throat, sucking his cute boyfriend to the bone.

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