Flipping Vega

Helix Studios presents Tyler Hill and Landon Vega in Flipping Vega. Release Date: June 18, 2017. Video Duration: 24 minutes.

Helixstudios - Flipping Vega

Tyler Hill and Landon Vega

Sexy boy Tyler Hill tackles Landon’s large latin love muscle with deep gulps of throbbing cock. Really! Our Landon Vega does some delicious damage to Tyler’s torpedo as well, sending him to hog heaven before spreading Hill’s hole open with a wet mouthed face fuck. Lucky guy knows how to lay pipe and piston fucks the hell out of Hill as the camera catches his fat cock squeezing inside the boys tight hole. Tyler’s tush remains tight and firm while getting his hot ass wailed on.

Watching his taut ass muscles open for Vega’s dreamy dick is a delicious treat. When both buddies have perfect asses and cocks there’s no reason to share in some flip flop fucking. Tyler’s beautiful body is poetry in motion smashes Landon’s loins. So hot! Then he mounts the swarthy sex pot like a lion, allowing his animal instincts to take over. His smooth ass spreads beautifully in this position, looking spectacular as his balls lap against Landon’s hungry hole.

Needing more meat, Hill hops on top Vega and get’s to work heaving his hole down on that cream filled cock that can’t hold back much longer. The air fills with the sweet sound of stroking dick and Tyler torpedoes his jack off fuel. Fully spent and content Tyler turns his attention towards Landon’s thick ass, kissing the boy as massive amounts of muscle milk flow freely.

Flipping Vega

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