#helix: Kyle Ross and Corbin Colby

Helix Studios presents young gay boys Kyle Ross and Corbin Colby. Video duration: 32 minutes. Release date: July 23, 2017.

Helixstudios - #helix: Kyle Ross and Corbin Colby

Let’s look at guys! Spanking, Rimming, fingering and fucking! Corbin Colby and Kyle Ross are at their fan’s mercy, answering every dirty question you asked, and acting out every deliciously dirty act requested from the pervy pages of social media. Unfiltered and condom free, Colby fulfills your fantasies as he fills Kyle’s ass with raw cock. Blond and beautiful, Kyle Ross relaxes into your every whim with pure pleasure and an amazing ass stuffed to capacity. You asked and our boys deliver, raw, real and rock hard. Trailer on Want Boy: http://wantboy.com/kyle-ross-and-corbin-colby.html

Kyle Ross and Corbin Colby

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