Introducing Cole Turner

Helix Studios presents Cole Turner and Joey Mills in Introducing Cole Turner. Release Date: June 8, 2017. Video Duration: 24 minutes.

Helixstudios - Introducing Cole Turner

Joey Mills and Cole Turner

Let’s look at guys! Juicy conversation with even juicer boys goes down in this crotch grabber. Sexy boy Joey Mills spends the day at the beach with tall, dark and handsome new comer Cole Turner, the pair talk porn and boyfriends . Back at the house a tickle fight ensues that naturally leads to a make out clothes ripper.

Both young boys possess perfect cocks and they dive in with the deep throat attention they deserve. After slapping his cock across Joey’s pretty face, Cole takes on Joey’s famous throat choker with ease before moving on to his hot tight ass. Soon our Turner rims the boy ravenously then spits in there to be sure his big bareback bone slides right in. It does, and the guy gets to work. This pretty boy knows how to fuck and he looks sexy as hell doing it. His perfectly smooth bronze body ripples with young muscle as he pounds the shit out of Joey hard and rough.

Then lucky Joey can’t get enough, jacking his giant and feeling up Turner’s sexy six pack as he gets close to exploding. Through the sweet sounds of balls slapping we hear the boy’s breath start to quicken and Joey juices nasty nectar clear past his rippling abs and chest. Cole grabs his giant bronze cock and clocks the kid with cum right on the chin.

Introducing Cole Turner

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