Introducing Trevor Harris

Helix Studios presents Tyler Hill and Trevor Harris in Introducing Trevor Harris. Release Date: May 25, 2017. Video Duration: 28 minutes.

Helixstudios - Introducing Trevor Harris

Tyler Hill and Trevor Harris

Trevor Harris is a new boy fresh off the farm, gorgeous, hung and raring to go. While horsing around outside by a beautiful fountain Tyler Hill gets to know Trevor really well. We find out the farm guy has fantasies about doing it outside, he likes kissing and he’s pretty versatile. With arms and legs intertwined as they chat, the boys body language starts to get cozier and they realize they need to take the hot action somewhere more private.

Trevor is definitely not shy, grabbing Tyler’s ass by the handful and ripping his clothes off. Tyler targets Trevor’s torpedo and goes in for kill, giving the newbie the full welcome wagon treatment. Intent on making his first scene sucking cock count, Trevor takes his time on Tyler before his new friend suggests Trevor explore his best side. Tyler truly has the best ass in the biz, a beautiful smooth bronze bubble just begging to be boned.

After a drool worthy rimming, horny Trevor tears up Tyler’s ass like a super pro. Harris works his tight hairless boy body propelling his piece inside Hill as he takes control of the boys cock. Really! He jacks Tyler off keeping in time to his own increasingly hard thrusts till Tyler can’t take it anymore. Soon our happy Hill explodes like a fire hose then begs Travis to cum on him! Tyler winds up covered in cum, his entire tight brown torso glistening with both their sticky glory. Travis can’t resist, he reaches his strong hand down and massages his hard work into his amazing buddy and seals his first partner scene with a sweet kiss.

Introducing Trevor Harris

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