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Jared Scott Solo Session

Helix Studios (8teenboy) presents Jared Scott and Max Carter in Jared Scott Solo Session. Release Date: June 9, 2017. Video Duration: 13 minutes.

Jared Scott and Max Carter

Dick devotee Max Carter takes tasty young boy Jared Scott on a stroll through the park. Lucky Max manages to get the adorable Illinois native pretty chatty before finding a secluded spot on a wooded trail so they can get down to business. The guy has a super sexy exhibitionist side that cums out when his clothes cum off. Really! His swimmer’s body is chiseled and smooth while his tighty whities are about ready to bust at the seems. He knows he looks good and milks it, making magic for Max’s cock cam. Soon he peels down his drawers, allowing his fat cock flop out.

Our Max wastes no time, working the boy’s cock with a hot handy, making it bounce and flop around so we can see the sheer weight of the whopper. Then Carter zooms in, getting a sticky good view of the pre-cum he’s milked up. He turns our hot gay boy around. The back is just as bountiful as the front. Our boy’s bubble is big, hard, smooth and round, definitely fit for a few spankings. Horny Max makes sure he gets them. Jared leans back against a tree, tosses his pretty face back and relaxes into an epic orgasm that spews out, covering the dirt trail. We are all love the great outdoors.

Jared Scott Solo Session

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