Twink C

On Pointe

Helix Studios presents Josh Brady and Ben Masters in On Pointe. Release date: November 14, 2017. Video duration: 22 minutes.

Josh Brady and Ben Masters

There’s something uniquely specific and graceful about a gay boy that has studied ballet. Their young bodies are always strong and tight, fuckably flexible and elegantly orgasmic with every move. Our Ben Masters is a magnificent example. He spies top jock Josh Brady out of the corner of his eye as he’s rehearsing in the park. Masters moves like a snake charmer, seducing the sexy stud until Brady wants nothing more than that smooth ballet boy in his bed.

Ben’s body is in spank bank perfection from years of dance discipline and Brady acknowledges every inch of it, from hole to pole. Soon Ben consumes Josh’s gigantic jock like the beautiful, bone hungry bottom he is. Brady teases the tall twink’s tasty tush a bit more before Masters moans for his manhole to be filled. Then horny Josh takes advantage of his fuck boy’s flexibility, spreading and stretching the boy’s hungry sex hole. Lucky Ben uses his dance background to the fullest which is a dick dripping, delicious feast for the eyes. He holds his ankles in the air, fully split and open accepting every hard inch from Brady till both boys blow their wads, painting the ballet bottom like the work of art he is.

On Pointe