Park and Play

Helix Studios presents Corbin Colby and Landon Vega in “Park and Play”. Release Date: May 4, 2017. Video Duration: 27 minutes.

Helixstudios - Park and Play

Corbin Colby and Landon Vega

Sexy boy Landon Vega picks up Corbin Colby for their first date and from the get go these two hotties can’t keep their hands off each other. Really! The guys are rock hard and it’s making it tough to drive to they pull over and pull out their hard cocks. Soon Corbin is a contortionist getting the best angle in the cramped passenger seat and devours Vega’s cock right there on the side of the road. But our boys realize they need more room if Corbin’s cock is gonna be able to stretch out to full mast so they bring it back to Landon’s and let their lust fly.

Corbin’s giant is truly one of the seven wonders of porn and Landon treats it accordingly, worshipping on his knees like a dick devotee. Colby’s always been an amazing giver lavishing loving licks on Landon’s loins, front and beautiful back door. He kindly loosens Landon with a few fingers before bringing home the bacon. So amazing!

Raw, hard cock is driven into Landon and the latin lad loves every second of it. Great camera angles highlight Colby’s big balls slapping Landon’s tight hole as he power fucks the boy like a wild lion. After a ride through several positions on the Corbin train Landon lets loose his lust juice as he rides the studs monster cock. Colby pumps a few hard thrusts upward and Vega jumps off just in time to catch Colby’s cream filling in his sweet open mouth.

Park and Play

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