Helix Studios presents Blake Mitchell and Corbin Colby in “Protein”. Release Date: April 27, 2017. Video Duration: 30 minutes.

Helixstudios - Protein

Blake Mitchell and Corbin Colby

Work out buddies Corbin Colby and Blake Mitchell set the screen on fire in this young muscle, flip-flop fuck fantasy! These sexy friends work out together and naturally get worked up. Really! With pounds of cock and fresh muscle between the two it’s easy to see why. Still dripping with sweet and hopped up on hormones, the pair can’t control their lust and soon the muscle hunks are filling each others mouths with their throbbing love muscles. The sun beams through the blinds, bouncing off the guys ample asses and highlighting all the hard work the two have done to get the perfect body. They take turns worshiping one another’s cocks and perfect asses with warm mouths before giving their holes the ultimate work out with each other’s giant cocks.

Watching these masculine young men take raw cock is a delight. Pure organic condom free cock is passed back and fourth between two of the big dicked boys with the best asses on our roster, and they love every hard inch. With Colby’s humongous hammer lodged deep in his loins Mitchell starts moaning and launches a monstrous amount of muscle milk that skyrockets through the air before splashing all over his rippling torso. Colby follows suit but launches his lust into Mitchell’s manhole. He then shoves his massive muscle back inside which cooks up a delicious cream pie dessert for the boys!


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