Shower Sex

Helix Studios presents Joey Mills and Landon Vega in Shower Sex. Release Date: May 21, 2017. Video Duration: 25 minutes.

Helixstudios - Shower Sex

Joey Mills and Landon Vega

Young gay boys Joey Mills and Landon Vega slather one another’s salaciously long schlongs in a dimly lit hallway before bringing their boners into a shower to fit all their talents. The horny guys look sexy as fuck with water running over their slim bodies and dripping from their giant cocks. Soon they boys mouths are watering as well, hungry for dick. They each get their fill before our Joey offers his tight ass to Landon for some bareback butt loving. Lucky Landon takes his time, teasing Mills inch by inch until the entire length of our amazing latin lover is stuffed deep inside Joey’s juicy ass. Bracing himself against the shower wall, Mills takes a walloping wet booty banging before the boys dry off and move their freshly clean cocks to the bedroom.

Things don’t stay clean for long as these dirty boys get back to doing what they do best. Joey eases his squeaky clean hole down on Vega before Landon decides his clean crack needs some cock as well. Joey’s giant slides inside Landon’s loins condom free and fast. Really! Our boy definitely needed it bad! Holding onto Joey’s throat, Landon careens his caboose on that cock with all his might. Then Joey Mills makes nasty with Landon’s cock up his ass, blasting his tight belly with thick hot wads. So hot! The sight is too sexy for Landon to handle. He pulls that thick cock out and aims directly at our pretty boy’s butt, glazing his hole…

Shower Sex

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