Tight Ends: Scene Four

Helix Studios presents Sean Ford and Zach Taylor in “Tight Ends: Scene Four”. Release Date: April 25, 2017. Video Duration: 19 minutes.

Helixstudios - Tight Ends: Scene Four

Zach Taylor and Sean Ford

The fourth installment of guest director Colby Chambers footballer fuck series “Tight Ends” pairs the hottest young gay boys Sean Ford and Zach Taylor together for some hard fucking. Sexy Taylor has a “tight end” and Sean gets right in there, tackling the boy’s hindquarters with a terrific tongue lashing. Soon Zach returns the favor with some brutal fellatio before climbing on top of his horny buddy for a bareback butt blasting. Taylor works his big round ass like a pro, spreading his pretty cheeks so we can enjoy the view as happy Sean spanks them.

Sean Ford has been working out hard and it shows, his hot bronze body ripples with young muscle as he power fucks Zach doggy style, leaving the bottom biting the pillow and begging for more. Sean whips the raven haired hottie around and slows down for a hot passionate plowing. Slow and sultry our top builds his speed back up and the anticipation drives Taylor crazy in the best of ways till he looses control. Then he looses his hot load. Really! Ford whips out and milks his member all over our “tight end”.

Tight Ends: Scene Four

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