Tight Ends: Scene Two

Helix Studios presents Zach Taylor and Joey Mills in “Tight Ends: Scene Two”.  Release Date: April 11, 2017. Video Duration: 11 minutes.

Helixstudios - Tight Ends: Scene Two

Zach Taylor and Joey Mills

Special guest director Colby Chambers is back with the highly anticipated second scene from “Tight Ends”. Please, don’t miss! Footballer Zach Taylor catches a glimpse of jailbait Joey Mills hot ass while changing and within an instant has the cute boy bent over the washing machine. Talk about a heavy load, Joey Mills takes a balls deep pounding from Taylor’s thick cock from the get go. Soon the tight young muscle baller takes the twink on a fuck tour, utilizing every space in the room.

Our Joey gets jammed with cock on the tub, on the floor and all the while calls out for more fuck from the sexy stud. Once he has the boy on all fours acting out his quarterback fantasy, Taylor picks up the pace, rocking Joey’s end zone like a touch down king. He pulls his thick monster out and blasts Joey’s butt with his football funk, then milks the monster for every last mouth watering morsel. Knowing Joey likes cock in his can when he cums, he drives the thick beast inside once more as happy Mills scores all over the bathroom floor. It’s amazing!

Tight Ends: Scene Two

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