Trail Blazers

Helix Studios presents Max Carter and Joey Mills in “Trail Blazers”. Release Date: May 8, 2017. Video Duration: 38 minutes.

Helixstudios - Trail Blazers

Max Carter and Joey Mills

Amazing guys Max Carter and Joey Mills are horny hikers exploring the great out doors. Their shirts are off and their hot young bodies are glistening in the sun causing a magnetic attraction and the gay boys desperately need good dick. Really! The guys find solace in the shade of a tree and go all wild kingdom on each others cocks. Soon Joey’s tight hole beckons for Max’s attention and gets it hard. Then our Carter gets his work area wet before plowing the boy bareback over a rock like a lion in safari.

Back inside the boys finish what they started. Bare and condom free the boys fuck like wild animals in heat. Joey has dick by the pound and Carter knows when not to pass up a good thing. After he’s punished Joey’s pucker sufficiently the duo flip and Max definitely gets filled to capacity. The beautiful twink is an absolute power house of a top and makes Max his dick bitch in hog heaven as he fucks him. Joey likes a dick in his young ass when he nuts so the pair flip again end with cream pie for dessert.

Trail Blazers

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