Triple Trouble

Helix Studios presents Noah White, Sean Ford and Corbin Colby in “Triple Trouble”.  Release Date: April 9, 2017. Video Duration: 41 minutes.

Helixstudios - Triple Trouble

Noah White, Sean Ford and Corbin Colby

Super sexy boyfriends Noah White and Sean Ford have a night off and are anxious to fill it with cock. Hard cock! Scrolling through Grindr they cum across cock jock Corbin Colby. Seeming too good to be true, they face the stud to see if he’s real. Really. He is real, and also very horny! Feeling forcefully feisty, Ford calls out fuck commands as he watches from the couch and grabbing his groin. If you like long and dirty talk, this is definitely the scene for you. Ford’s sexy voice mixed with some of the best dick and ass on our roster will make your dick drool. Sean is irresistible and the guys can’t leave him alone for long and soon enough he joins a hot tongue, ass, dick lick train.

Triple Trouble

Soon the boys really hit the jack pot with king Colby and Ford has been dying to watch his amazing boyfriends hole get stretched by the massive member. He goes in for a closer look, basting Colbys big balls with his tongue in the process. Switching places with Noah, Ford climbs on the colossal cock while nasty boy Noah sits on Corbin’s cute face. Sean slams his tight hole down on the dynamic dick and doesn’t let up, enjoying every ass blasting inch!

Horny Noah can’t go long without a cock in his ass and the boys tag team his hot little hole. When Colby dangles his big full balls in his face and Ford’s cock is lodged deep inside Noah can no longer control his cum! The boy blasts a big bounty the fills his bellybutton. Then Ford adds to that and then some. Colby puts the cherry on top for a load more than worthy of his hefty swinging dick. White winds up covered in… WHITE. Really! It’s a beautiful, sticky, sweet sight.

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