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The big dicked naughty boy who recently released a biography now releases some raunchy rage in this heavy handed spank scene! Mr. Blake Mitchell is up waiting for tasty twink Trevor Harris who took his hot rod out for a joy ride without telling him. Needless to say, Blake is pissed and takes to paddling the car thief’s sweet seat. After a few spanks, Trevor tells Mitchell the full truth. Not only did he take the car without asking; but, he brought it back scratched!

This gets Blake’s blood boiling and Harris’s hot hind end gets a taste of Blake’s belt and, a hefty helping of humiliation. Angry Mitchell talks him through how he’s going to pay for the damages while tenderizing Trevor’s tush is various stages of undress. Finally, Master Mitchell tells Trevor to take all his clothes off, even his socks because now…. he owns the boy’s clothes, as well as his tight ass. The pretty twink bends back over Blake’s knee and the porny punishment gets severe! Mitchell does not hold back, beating the boy’s booty till blood blisters appear.

Then, in a cock stiffening creative moment, he spreads Harris’ cheeks, stretches his cock and balls and spanks his hot little hole. He teases the twink with a few caresses to his can before going back in hard while Harris reacts to the pleasurable pain perfectly. Blake orders him to get up and out. Then, as poor  Trevor goes to take his clothes, Blake reminds him he now owns his clothes and the beautiful boy leaves completely naked. This is the blazing hot Holy Grail for spank lovers everywhere. Enjoy.

Blake Mitchell and Trevor Harris