Cole Turner Solo Session

Helix Studios presents Cole Turner and Max Carter in “Cole Turner Solo Session”. Release Date: May 16, 2017. Video Duration: 12 minutes.

Cole Turner Solo Session

Cole Turner and Max Carter

There is a new boy on the block and he is quite the exhibitionist. Really! Masterful masturbation movie maker Max Carter makes newbie Cole Turner comfy with compliments on his tight bodied caramel muscles and captivating cock that his black briefs can noy contain. You can tell this guy is more than excited for his first video as Turner’s titanic tonsil tickler is rock hard and looming large over the top of his ever tightening underwear.

Soon horny Max has Turner turn it around and bend over and we see the guy is gifted in every area. So sexy! His beautiful brown booty beckons to be spanked and played with. Max cums to the rescue with raring hands and ferocious fingers since this booty is definitely finger lickin’ good.

Then our new crush turns back around to flirt like the fantasy fuck he is and as he handles that humongous hard on, his breath gets quicker and quicker. Ecstasy cums over our boys beautiful mug and his long cock launches a load so epic the chiseled charmer winds up absolutely drenched in his own delicious dick dessert, all the way up to his neck!

The sticky sweet seed seeps into Turner’s sexy six pack and highlights his hotness even more. We are sure your going to have a cum rag that will need some washing and this guy has got the perfect washboard abs for the job.

Cole Turner Solo Session

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