Introducing Chris Keaton

Helix Studios presents Chris Keaton and Max Carter in Introducing Chris Keaton. Release Date: May 28, 2017. Video Duration: 25 minutes.

Introducing Chris Keaton

Chris Keaton and Max Carter

Blonde super star Max Carter welcomes fellow all American apple pie fair haired newbie Chris Keaton to Helix in this blond boy bang fest. Fresh from Iowa, Keaton shares his college boy dreams and fantasies with Mr. Max, chatting about college life, what he’s into and revealing he’s a bit of an exhibitionist that aims to please his partner. Max likes what he hears and is anxious to put the guy to the test.

Soon our sexy newbie has a nice fat cock and Max makes a meal out of it before delivering a fierce face fucking to the boys pretty mouth. We love the hot moans from Max as he stuffs Keaton’s face with rock hard cock as his six pack ripples. Making the boy his plaything, horny Max throws Chris on the bed to get at that amazing pink pretty hole, getting it nice and wet with natures lube.

Then Carter stands up and spits on his hand “Broke Back” style, letting us know it’s about to go down. He covers his cock with sexy spit then plunges his perfect piece in down to the balls bareback. Max masterfully smacks our newbies white ass, turning it a pretty pink as he pours his piece inside our bottom’s pucker. A super hot high point cums when happy Keaton climbs on top for a raw ride, allowing his young cock to bounce for the camera as Carter gives a raunchy reach-a-round at just the right moments.

Once Max gets our blonde bottom in doggy style a gorgeous glaze cums over the boys face, the calm before the store. The sweet sound of balls slapping hot ass is the overture before these two blondes bust. Then Max Carter crams his cock all the way inside, then pulls out showing off the hot load he’s lodging deep. The warm gay boy bath of nut up inside him ignites a creamy explosion from Chris that Krispy Kream would be envious of.

Introducing Chris Keaton

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