Introducing Cole Claire

Helix Studios presents Cole Claire and Ryan Bailey in Introducing Cole Claire. Video duration: 28 minutes. Release date: August 10, 2017.

Introducing Cole Claire

Cole Claire and Ryan Bailey

Cole Claire walks Ryan Bailey through his country boy youth of feeding gators in a small town which was so rural his graduating class only had 40 seniors! They also reminisce about the newbie’s full circle moment when his parents found out he was gay because they found Helix porn on his computer. Here he is making a video for Helix!

Then the country cutie tells Bailey he likes to get treated rough and just fucked, Ryan answers with a resounding “lets go do this!” Happy Bailey takes the bait and the reigns, sucking Cole’s nice thick country boy cock from the jump. The boys tear at the scraps of clothes still remaining, then Cock hungry Cole whips Ryan’s undies down, causing Bailey’s beautiful bronze bulge to cum flopping out right into Cole’s wet and waiting cock sucker.

There’s a ton of dick between these two so they swap schlong for a bit before Bailey buries his face in Cole’s crack, sending the boy over the edge and moaning for more. The boy’s butt is obviously his personal entertainment center, Bailey takes the hint and gives it the special treatment with a deep tongue fucking. In tune with his buddy, Ryan gears up his groin and eases all that gorgeousness inside Cole’s hole bareback. Cole gasps, “You’re fucking huge” through a muffled face full of mattress.

Remembering their earlier conversation, Ryan amps up the action holding the boy by the neck and throwing dick down, hard and heavy. Ryan orders his bottom to turn over, after enjoying the fucking for a bit Cole grabs his hard dick and starts stroking. The cum was right there at the tip ready to blow. We’re pretty sure this guy can cum just by getting his ass plowed! The thought and sight is all Ryan needs to nut, he pulls out and unleashes a massive load all over Cole, who cranks his head down to watch and enjoy.

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