Kyle’s Jockstrap

Helix Studios presents Kyle Ross in Kyle’s Jockstrap. Release Date: June 13, 2017. Video Duration: 21 minutes.

Kyle's Jockstrap

The staff along with amazing young boys at Helix Studios always listen and will bend over backwards to give you exactly what you want. So, this one is for you Kyle Ross fans. You had jockstrap fantasies of this beauty that were so hot we had to make them cum true. Shot entirely like a dream, the hottest dream you’ve ever had. The blond pretty guy plays dress up in the school’s hottest football player’s clothes. He looks damn good in them and he knows it. Really! Through beautiful lighting and steam we are sure the guy created by his own hotness we see Kyle glistening with sweat.

Glowing and gorgeous, his blond hair hangs in his face as he models his big bulge and exposed ass in a tight jockstrap. With heavy breath he reaches in and pulls out his perfect cock, already rock hard. Every stroke is a work of art with Kyle Ross who is dripping loads of pretty pre-cum. Just when you think this dream can’t get any better, a gigantic dildo cums into the picture. Like the Hitchcock of cock, the boy beauty knows how to build suspense, teasing and slapping his smooth hole with the monster till. So hot! He finally plunges the entire thing deep inside, letting out an honest and hot moan.

Lost in the depth of dildo pleasure, Ross rams his rear as he builds towards a tidal wave of a finale. The giant dildo does it’s job amazingly well and the floodgates open, releasing titanic amounts of cum covering Kyle’s beautiful body. Having worked up a carnal hunger, Ross reaches down and dips into his work to taste the pure white fruits of his lusty labor. Don’t miss amazing solo video on Helix Studios!

Trailer on Gay Tube C – Jockstrap – Kyle Ross

Kyle Ross

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