Introducing Danny Nelson

Helix Studios presents Danny Nelson and Jeremy Price in Introducing Danny Nelson. Release Date: June 29, 2017. Video Duration: 28 minutes.

Introducing Danny Nelson

Danny Nelson and Jeremy Price

Sexy Danny Nelson is a fresh piece of Oregon ass who’s a ripe 21 year old adorable gay boy. We’ve paired him with bisexual blond Jeremy Price to find out what makes this new comer tick. The guys talk coming out, dating, and get into detail about Nelson’s first time which was on a high school trip in Germany. Since Price is about to bed the boy he wants to know how to please and finds out it takes some sensual kissing, a few fingers and some rough play including choking.

Pretty spicy for a 21 year old. Really! These two amazing twink bodies intertwine, tickling one another’s tonsils with throbbing cock and deep kisses. Danny looks hot as hell spread eagle towards the camera as Price fucks his pretty face. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Jeremy, he then plants his pretty face in the boys ass then probes his insides with fingers then some rock hard bareback dick. The tight bottom twink bounces on the bare boner with the joy of a newborn and Price is in ass heaven. He cups the guys cheeks, spreading them wide to get as much dick inside as possible. The cock cam goes in from underneath when Price bends the boy over he bed to get all the bareback, ball slapping ass action.

Once Jeremy gets the twink on his back you can tell the boy is close. Rock hard and spread wide Nelson throws his head back and relaxes into the pounding Price is inflicting. Danny’s strokes get stronger, unleashing a steady stream of healthy young cum that heaves from his cock in thick spurts. Happy Jeremy jams his dick in, feeling the ass clenching caused by Nelsons nut he can’t help but explode. He douses the tight ass with dick, drenching the outside of his freshly fucked hole then pushing his still dripping cock back inside.

Helix Studios – Introducing Danny Nelson

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