Introducing Jeremy Price

Helix Studios presents Wes Campbell and Jeremy Price in Introducing Jeremy Price. Release Date: June 4, 2017. Video Duration: 29 minutes.

Introducing Jeremy Price

Wes Campbell and Jeremy Price

Blondes definitely have more fun in this scene as Wes Campbell gets to know sexy newbie Jeremy Prince. Wes gets the platinum Prince to open up about his first time, his experience with public sex in a theater and all his hot fantasies including a deep desire to get double penetrated. The hot talk works Wes into a frenzy, anxious to give the new boy a try he brings him back to his surfer pad and peels off his clothes.

Naked and smokin’ hot we get to see just how stunning Jeremy really is. Gorgeously tan, smooth, tight and slightly tattooed in all the right places, Wes goes to work licking every tatt on his way down to Prince’s pole. The boys piece is perfect, just as smooth as the rest of him and Wes wastes no time tickling the back of his throat with every inch of it. Not a hair covers the boy’s tight hole either, making it easier for Campbell to cram his entire tongue deep inside along with a few fingers.

Soon our Wes spits inside Prince’s perfect pink pucker then plows his throbbing cock in bareback and ball deep. Lucky Jeremy holds his knees up by his ears as Wes works his ass, teasing it all the way out and in before unleashing some hard core ass pounding while the newbie cries out for more. Campbell gets the hint are puts a punishing down along with a couple slaps to our boys smooth butt, turning it a pretty pink.

Then Jeremy jacks his thick, rock hard cock as Wes puts him in all the right positions for maximum pleasure. Drunk on dick the hot bottom lets his eyes roll back. Lost in ecstasy Prince explodes hot spunk all over his amazing torso. The sticky sight sends shock waves through Campbell’s cock and it erupts, covering Jeremy’s entire rim and coating his insides. Slick and smooth, Wes works his hard dick inside giving the guy every last drop of cream he’s got.

Introducing Jeremy Price

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