One on One With Wyatt Walker

Helix Studios presents Wyatt Walker and Max Carter in “One on One With Wyatt Walker”.  Release Date: January 17, 2017. Video Duration: 18 minutes.

One on One With Wyatt Walker

Wyatt Walker and Max Carter

Sexy boy Wyatt Walker gets wet and wild in this dick drencher. Really! This amazing twink is tremendously tasty. The fresh young guy just teases us, slowly stroking his cock through his underwear while he fills the bathtub with water. As the water rises, so does the twink’s surprisingly super sized dick. His big boner bursts way over the waistband of his sexy blue underwear. Dick director Max Carter makes the boy show off his other great asset. Spanking and rubbing the perfect plum as Wyatt’s penis continues to grow.

As the tantalizing twink takes the tub, Carter caresses the twinks cock while Walker rubs his barely there, nearly hairless but still very happy trail. Soon horny Max gets our dirty boy clean, soaping him up thoroughly making sure to get every nook and cock hungry crack. Feeling fresh and clean, Wyatt eases back in the water and works his giant tallywhacker till gorgeous gobs of young guy goo glisten in the water on top of his tight twink torso. So cute! Looks like this one can’t stay clean for long, no matter, we’re sure Max won’t mind rinsing and repeating several times.

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