Playtime With Brad’s Ass

Playtime With Brad's Ass

Ever the erotic instigator with the perfect instincts, Max Carter gets a LOT out of this sexy solo session with bronze beauty Brad Chase. They talk about his home town, New York, his hobbies, and as an added bonus, he even tells us his snapchat! Get you’re phones out boys, have a feeling this guys videos could be more fun than Grindr! Max massages every part of Brad’s perfect skin, even his fabulous feet. Then he massages Brad’s booty before cranking out a couple sexy spanks. Chase lounges back, legs spread and plays naughty with his nipples. This must be his hot spot, because when Max masturbates his manhood for him his hands work their way back to the pink pleasure zones. Carter orders our bootyful boy to bend over and then opens his ass like a best seller; even diving into the plot with a few fingers. Three hands are always better than two; so, Max massages every muscle as Chase cranks his own cock. The hottie must love his hole played with, Max gets in there as we cum into the home stretch. Feeling empty when our director Max gets back behind the camera, this master masturbator fingers his own anus which brings a big ol’ nut bust! He launches his love lotion all over, arching through the air and landing white wonderfulness on his brown hard belly. Makes us want a cafe’ con leche real bad.

Source: Helixstudios

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