All Natural

Helix Studios presents Noah White and Wyatt Walker in “All Natural”. Release Date: March 23, 2017. Video Duration: 25 minutes.

All Natural

All Natural – Helix Studios

There is some heavy flirting going on at the park today between way big Wyatt Walker and cute boy Noah White! Enjoying their gorgeous youth climbing trees horse playing in the park before the sexual tension gets the best of them. White can’t take it and wraps his arms around Wyatt for a hot make out hot session! Wyatt feels Noah’s nasty bits getting bigger and can no longer control himself! Dropping to his knees right there in the public park, he deep throats the dude balls deep! The too cute twink tweaks his nipples while Wyatt works his wang. Naturally they need to take the action indoors before being arrested. Really!

Noah White and Wyatt Walker

Wyatt’s red hot boy briefs can hardly contain his amazing meat. The colossal cock flops out and nasty boy Noah is there waiting with a hungry wet mouth. The big boy flips Noah around, spits in his hole and crams his giant right inside, raw as raw can be! Noah can’t get enough, reaching back to pull Wyatt and his whopper deeper inside. As an added bonus, we hear the big balls slapping White’s perfect ass as he moans and begs for more. Wyatt flips Noah like a burger once more so we can see him tug his rock hard twink torpedo while Wyatt wraps his hands around the boys neck in a super hot love choke! The brings Noah to the brink and he bangs out an epically nasty nut causing Walker to do the same. Using two hands, Wyatt wanks out a wicked wad, creaming all over the boys pretty pucker! Perfect!

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