Beach Boners

Helix Studios presents Gabe Isaac and Jared Scott in “Beach Boners”. Release Date: May 12, 2017. Video Duration: 22 minutes.

Beach Boners

Gabe Isaac and Jared Scott

Sexy twinks Gabe Isaac and Jared Scott flirt and frolic at the beach before the kisses get too deep and they decide to bring the heat back to the сщян bedroom. Soon our Jared lavishes loving licks starting from the neck and working his way down on super twink Gabe. When he gets to the crotch of his bulging red briefs he lets out a well deserved “holy fuck!” This tiny twink is the definition of big things come in small packages. He worships the King Kong dong before diving down deeper into the young gay boys behind for a tongue punching ass assault.

Jared’s got the guys legs over his head and Gabe’s cock is so huge it tickles his own lips and some self sucking ensues. Scott alternates a few fat fingers along with his tongue to really drive Isaac wild and our horny boy is so appreciative he deep throats the dudes dong before spreading his legs inviting Scott’s schlong inside. Then our top lubes up, jams his giant in condom free and cranks that cock like a piston. Really!

Great camera angles show Jared’s amazing plump bubble butt drive dick into our amazing twink. Gabe’s gift is too good to pass up and Jared knows he’d be a fool to not give it a go. So our top becomes a happy doggy style long dick slut and enjoys every amazing inch. Isaac loves cock like nobody’s business and at Jared’s command climbs back on his buddies big boner and goes ham on that hog as our half time top jacks his gigantic weapon of a wang.

Then Gabe sits all the way down on the dick and blasts Scott with his big boner nut all the way up to his neck. The boy isn’t done yet, he whips that beautiful little body off and aims his face at his friends fatty, opening his sweet mouth to take every last drop and blow his boy one more time. So hot…

Beach Boners

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