Raw Teens

Helix Studios presents Hunter Graham and Jared Scott in “Raw Teens”. Release Date: April 21, 2017. Video Duration: 21 minutes.

Raw Teens

Hunter Graham and Jared Scott

Hot teen boy Hunter Graham is hungry for some cock. Really! Giant dicked Jared Scott is his prey. Once sexy Graham gets in those underwear we see what Hunter has been working for. Hunter hunkers down on the dick, working the balls and slapping his cute face with the thing. Scott sucks a mean cock as well, rocking Graham’s goods like a super penis pro. Having filled up on cock, Jared juts his tongue deep inside Hunter’s honey. The young boy is so fresh and he needs some loosening up before the main event.

Hot Raw Teens

Soon, Scott grabs his throbbing penis with his big hand and shoves all of himself in raw and to the balls. Hunter moans like a dick drunk bitch begging for the young guy to “pound his hole.” Then Jared stands up to plow the boy and we get a look at all the good stuff the top is working with! His beautiful smooth skin ripples with sinewy swimmers muscles and his amazing ass propels his hips forward as he drives all the dick inside our twink. Top boy finally gets at our guy from the front and Graham grabs at his glorious junk with all the gumption a power bottom being plowed to high heaven should. Finally, he shoots off like a bottle rocket before big boy whips out and empties his sweet weapon all over Hunter’s tight hole. He shoves his dick back in for goos measure and kisses his conquest, and we close with his monster still lodged lovingly inside.

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