Introducing Hunter Graham

Helix Studios presents Hunter Graham and Wes Campbell in “Introducing Hunter Graham”. Release Date: April 13, 2017. Video Duration: 24 minutes.

Introducing Hunter Graham

Hunter Graham and Wes Campbell

We always like you to get to know our young boys better. Today we sent pretty guy Wes Campbell in to explore the mind and the body of 18 year old cutie Hunter Graham. We find out our fresh meat is in college and also about his coming out experience as well as his favorite movies. This is Helix after all so naturally the conversation gets into sexy territory and the cute gay boys discuss porn, sex and all Hunter’s likes and kinks. Really! This of course leads the boys to the bed room where a steamy hot make out and strip session goes down.

Our hot newbie sucks cock like a pro and Wes welcomes him with a gorgeous knob gobble. The tiny twink has a surprisingly large package! Wes wets his tight ass appetite on Hunter’s smooth hindquarters by lifting the boy’s ass in the air to his wet and waiting mouth. Then Hunter slaps some lube on his hole and rides Wes bareback like a cowboy as he spanks his rock hard dick. Wes even gets in a couple spankings and our newbie is very verbal for being so young. Campbell’s Cali surfer boy hair dangles in his pretty face as they switch positions so he can plow the boy even harder. Hunter’s hard on seems to be stretching even longer and it lets off some steam all over his beautifully smooth 18 year old tight belly. It’s amazing! He’s able to keep Wes inside for a bit before the pretty top pulls out and blasts the guy like a firehose. They end with a kiss…

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