Joy Sticks

Helix Studios presents Alan Davis and Jay Thompson in “Joy Sticks”. Release Date: March 31, 2017. Video Duration: 22 minutes.

Joy Sticks

Alan Davis and Jay Thompson

Chillin’ on their bunk beds for a sleep over, sexy boys Alan Davis and Jay Thompson are locked into what seems to be an intensely competitive video game. Really! Its looks like Jay must’ve lost this round because he jumps off the top bunk and on onto Alan down below, eager to enact his revenge. An innocent wrestling match ensues before some not so innocent bunk bed boners sprout up! These guns are way more enticing to the young gamers and they start firing away, jacking one another’s joy sticks each determined to win this final round! The too cute twinks are smooth and angelic with surprisingly large love muscles for their tasty, tiny frames.

Horny Davis dives into Thompson’s tender tush, tongue fucking it with a vengeance before the poor boy cries out, “I’m ready for your dick!” A delicious expression of pleasure and pain washes over Jay’s cherub like face as Alan ass fucks the boy bareback. Soon, Jay has a confidence well beyond his years and knows exactly what he wants. He orders Alan, “I want you to ride me,” and our dicks and hearts just skipped a beat!

Then Davis climbs on board and takes a seat, swiveling his hips on the slippery schlong as the two tender guys make out like the school boys they are! Thompson takes the lead once again, belting out “fuck me till I cum!” Spread open as far as his legs and tight hole are able, Alan plows his piece deep inside, hitting the cute boy in the right button as buckets of nut jut out splashing the young slut’s sternum. Davis pulls out and lets loose his juice, coating the boys caboose with a divine cream pie surprise.

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