Jay Thompson Solo Session


Helix Studios presents Jay Thompson and Max Carter in “Jay Thompson Solo Session”.  Release Date: April 28, 2017. Video Duration: 16 minutes.

Jay Thompson Solo Session

Jay Thompson and Max Carter

Sexy Jay Thompson is a tantalizingly tasty and tiny twink. Really! Max Carter chats up the newbie who is originally from Georgia and in San Diego filming for the very first time. Find out what kind of boys he likes and also whats under the hood of this cutie. Carter commands the twink do a sexy striptease which he does all the while flirting heavily with the camera. Our amazing boy is so tiny and cute, just 100 pounds, smooth as a baby and surprisingly hung for such a small guy. Horny Max makes sure to satisfy your foot fetish and then it’s off to the spank races. Soon Carter caresses the boys cock and balls to get him started but a young buck like this doesn’t need much help, he’s rock hard from the jump.

Then Max Carter captures the boy’s youthful beauty in all the right areas. Our guy’s lily white, round smooth ass and pretty tight hole are begging to be spanked and finger fucked and Carter can’t contain his heavy hand. It’s amazing when the young boy finger fucks himself then turns that sweet angelic face around to look at us. Happy Jay Thompson follows direction well and does everything he’s told. Cumming into the home stretch spread eagle with a finger lodged deep in his pink hole he cranks out an epic cum shot that launches with such force he shoots himself right in the face. Max milks out the last drop and pretty gay boy ends with a smile on his face, and so will you. Don’t miss, please!

Jay Thompson Solo Session


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